F1 Club (Managed Services)

The F1 Club is designed to be a complete solution and it evolved out of trying to solve two problems.

F1 tries not to “interupt” clients with general maintenance which is key to a trouble free computer, on the other hand clients sometimes wait until a minor issue becomes a critical operating problem! This creates stress for both parties and no one is happy:( The F1 Club combines the efforts of both F1 and the client to work as a team.  The client is pro-active in reporting irregularities and F1 monitors your system performance and potential areas of concern - so a "Club" was born.

Membership has it's privileges...

Included Services

Clean-Me program

Deep Virus Scan

Temp files removal

Virus signature update

Defragment hard drive

Scan local hard drives for defects

Analysis of system reports

Utility updates, Skype, ITunes, Drop Box etc.

Cloud backup service

Remote access software

PC Health monitoring software

Family safe net filter (Open DNS)

DDNS software – provides a static internet address

Deep Freeze (Optional)

Anti Malware software (Virus etc)

Restoration of data in case of failure

Installation of new hardware, printers, scanners, routers, modems etc.

Installation of smart phones, smart TV’s – one per computer

Installation of all MS software

Network setup

Virus removal

Phone support

Email support

Remote support


Work done remotely

Optimization tune-up

Start up optimization

Remove software unknowingly loaded from internet

MS updates including optional and device drivers

Update utilities, Adobe, Flash, SuperAntiSpyware

Backup verification


Dust removal

Annual Meeting, Planning, growth, review

Not Included in the F1 Club Maintenance Plan

Cost of software & hardware

Internet connection charges


Website hosting and development

Domain management

Installation or Maintenace of Non-MS Software

Client Responsibilities

To permit F1 remote access to the computer

To notify F1 Computer Services of any errors when they occur

Advise F1 of any changes to hardware, software, network etc.

Run CleanMe program at least once per week

F1 Club Rates

$45.00 each computer per month, Less $2.00 discount when payment is received on the first of each month. 


To simplify the bookkeeping and to save everyone’s time, please provide F1 Computer Services with post dated cheques from now to April 1st next year. 

Alternative Payment Methods

Reoccurring credit card transaction setup through PayPal (Fee 3.0%)

Credit card number provided to F1 for monthly processing by F1 (Fee 3.0%)