Pay as you go 


F1's Rate is $100.00/Hour Canadian Dollars

New Client terms are Cash, Interact email, or BitCoins bitcoin-logo-1000

Revenue Canada will treat BitCoins as a "Barter-Exchange Network"

Clients with Approved Credit Application will receive 30 days intrest free

Interest on past due accounts is 40%/Year Compounded Monthly (F1 Computer Services doesn't want to become your bank)


Piece Work

F1 will also give fixed prices on a specifc job.

Some examples are.

  • Install Hard Drive $35
  • Clone Hard Drive $55
  • Setup Printer $50
  • Setup Printer/Fax/Scanner Combo device $100.00

When comparing prices on piece work, keep in mind that if other troubles arise (i.e. virus found during clone) then a new peice work contract will need to be arranged.



Esitmates are "Guesses".  F1 can't possibly know what problems are  lurking inside your computer.  F1s' estimates include two prices "Everything goes pefectly" and "Usual Problems will Occur"



With any of the above systems - communincation between the client and F1 is the key.  F1 and the Client need to work as a team to solve the problem in the most economical fashion.  F1 can always fix a problem but at what cost?