F1 is adamant about performing and checking backups. To illustrate: a new client hired F1 to do assessment of their current operations. When this new client was asked about the backups F1 was presented with a tape cassette that was in the tape drive of the server. The tape cassette actually had a piece of tape hanging from it. The tape was obviously broke. The rest of the tape was wound inside of the tape drive. No one had checked the tape in two years. This is dental office with a paperless system. If the server and failed they wouldn’t have been able to see xrays, they couldn’t see who is coming in – they couldnt even call clients to say don’t come in!

A Backup isn’t a backup until it is;

  • FULL
  • INCREMENTAL 30 days
  • Had a test restore performed every 6 months

F1 has developed it is own backup system that are NOT proprietary. (Some backup systems use their own software so it can’t be recovered unless you have a copy of the software!)

The backup can be done onto HDD USB drive (2 of them – 1 onsite – 1 offsite)

The backup can be encrypted (we use TrueCrypt)

The backup can be done to the cloud too – close attention to what is getting backed up and when is important